User analysis, Trælasten, aarhus

TITLE: User analysis, Trælasten, Aarhus
TYPE OF JOB: User analysis
CUSTOMER: PensionDanmark
WITH: Gehl Architects and Briq Group
SUBJECTS: Urban life, user involvement, study life, local ownership,stakeholder analysis, stakeholder involvement 

PROJEct summary

PensionDanmark has started the development of a new neighborhood Trælasten, whose name refers to the history of the site as a former lumberyard. PensionDanmark has ambitions of transforming the site into an attractive, living and diverse neighbourhood with housing for different target groups, and also, the neighborhood must be developed so that urban life and communities can flourish. Therefore, PensionDanmark focusses on creating attractive, urban spaces.

PensionDanmark has a particular focus on exploiting the potential of the many students in the area. With the purpose of creating the best connection between the students and the surrounding city, PensionDanmark has asked Hauxner to conduct a user analysis.

The purpose of the analysis is to get a better understanding of how the students make use of Aarhus, and to understand how a new neighborhood can improve the students’ everyday life in Aarhus.

HAUXNER’s work

  • User analysis based on a survey with almost 300 responses, two focus group interviews, five interviews with stakeholders, observation studies and desk research