Strategic Campus Plan

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TITLE: Strategic Campusplan, DTU
TYPE OF JOB: Strategic Consultancy, Campus Development, Stakeholder analysis, Process facilitation
CUSTOMER: DTU Campus Service
DATE OF PROJECT: 2017‒2018

PROJEcT summary

The transformation of DTU Campus Lyngby is well underway. New buildings for research and education have already been built, and many more are in the works. Private companies and investors are establishing their own physical presence near the campus as well as financing the construction of student housing. The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail will open in 2024 and will create better connections between DTU, Lyngby and the rest of the capital region.

To ensure the long-term, coherent and strategically well-founded development of the DTU Lyngby Campus, DTU Campus Service has gathered a multidisciplinary advisory team consisting of Schulze+Grassov, Bisgaard Landskab, Henning Larsen Architects and Hauxner. This team has been tasked with compiling an ambitious and robust plan for developing the ‘Strategic Campus Plan’. Overall, the backbone of the campus plan is to improve mobility on the campus while at the same time strengthening the architecture and preserving the landscape.

The physical frames on campus are an important factor in the competition between the elite universities of the future, and the campus environment must therefore also be strengthened. This is done by making it attractive and facilitating a wide variety of features and activities. The Strategic Campus Plan will provide the foundation for exploiting the full potential of the campus area. It will serve as a priority and management tool and a tool for good and constructive dialogue.


  • Strategic consultancy for DTU Campus Service on the Strategic Campus Plan.

  • Developing visions, goals and guidelines for the DTU campus development.

  • Developing the analysis, foundation and text for the Strategic Campus Plan.

  • Managing the processes for the work carried out in the multidisciplinary advisory team.

  • Anchoring the Strategic Campus Plan through dialogue and activities with internal and external partners