Strategic urban leadership

TITLE: Strategic Urban Leadership
TYPE OF JOB: Presentation
CUSTOMER: Urban Lab, DAC et. al.

PROJEcT summary

How do politicians and civil servants manage urban development in a proactive, agile manner? Doing so requires strong interaction between the political and administrative management, partnerships with the actors in the city and knowledge about the development of the community and the city’s identity and strengths. We call this strategic urban leadership. With broad experience as an urban strategic manager and as a manager in charge of local planning in a large Danish municipality, Katinka Hauxner is often invited to make presentations about strategic urban management and about realizing political visions for urban development. Presentations are tailored to the target audience and are communicated with commitment and on the background of an array of examples of experience with successful urban management.


  • Presentation on strategic urban leadership concerning the competency development course, ‘Strategic urban leadership for politicians’, Danish Architecture Centre, November 2016. The mayors and city managers from 11 Danish municipalities participated in the course. 

    See the presentation (available only in Danish)

  • Presentation to the Urban Lab conference on urban development strategies and urban leadership. Urban Lab is a competence development and innovation project for eight municipalities in mid-Jutland, and 100 urban planners and cultural coordinators from municipalities across Denmark participated in the conference.

    See the presentation (available only in Danish)

  • Article on strategic urban leadership in the Urban Lab booklet ‘From Plan to (a totally different) reality’ (Fra Plan til (en helt anden) virkelighed) (available only in Danish).

Read the article (available only in Danish)

We have greatly appreciated Katinka Hauxner as a speaker in relation to strategic urban leadership. The combination of technical acuity, experience from both major and smaller projects and her excellent communication skills enable Katinka to communicate complicated material in an easily understandable way and to offer good advice and recommendations on urban leadership and urban development. Katinka is energetic and involved, making it a pleasure to work together with her.
— Senior Project Manager Mikkel Schønning, Danish Architecture Centre