The Eastern Gas Works ground

TITLE: The Eastern Gas Works (Østre Gasværksgrunden)
TYPE OF JOB: Citizen involvement and process
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Copenhagen
WITH: Rekommanderet, SLA and JaJa

PROJEcT summary

There has been extensive discussion in recent years about what to do with the area surrounding the old Eastern Gas Works (Østre Gasværksgrunden). The City of Copenhagen has now decided to develop the land (which had been badly polluted) so that housing, a nursing home and a new, permanent skating rink can be built. SLA and JaJa Arkitekter are drawing up a masterplan for the area aimed at creating coherence between the many functions. In order to ensure early dialogue with community residents and local stakeholders about the coming local plan, the City of Copenhagen has hired Rekommanderet and Hauxner as process consultants. 


  • Consulting the City of Copenhagen on the process for local community involvement.

  • Programme and summarization of meetings in the local working groups (‘following groups’).

  • Facilitation of open public meeting.