Billede: © Emilie Koefoed

TITLE: Urban Living Strategy for the Eastern Harbour
TYPE OF JOB: Urban Strategic Consultancy, Developer Consultancy
CUSTOMER: A. Enggaard A/S


The Eastern Harbour in the Danish city of Aalborg is undergoing a major transformation ‒from an industrial area to an urban district with mixed housing, businesses, retail, green and blue recreational areas and connections to the rest of the city.The first residents and employees have already moved in and a new, versatile district is taking shape.

A. Enggaard A/S is developing a 115,000 m2area (28.4 acres) around the Eastern Harbour, and they want to ensure that the area becomes vibrant and attractive. Hauxner has therefore developed an Urban Living Strategy for the harbour area. The strategy will serve as a strategic document, presenting the visions for the area, the principles according to which the area is to be developed, and the steps which A. Enggaard must focus on in this development.

The Urban Living Strategy for the Eastern Harbour is the basis for dialogue with different stakeholders and partners. Hauxner's first proposal was to hire an urban living coordinator. A. Enggaard A/S has subsequently hired two such coordinators who are using the strategy as their ‘toolbox’ In their work. The strategy is dynamic in the sense that it will be updated as efforts and initiatives are further developed in collaboration with stakeholders and partners.


HAUXNER's work

Hauxner has developed a comprehensive urban living strategy for the transformation of the Eastern Harbour in Aalborg. Towards this end, Hauxner has developed and facilitated a workshop regarding life and activities in and around the harbour. Hauxner has contributed with recommendations and professional input regarding the recruitment of two local-known urban living coordinators for whom Hauxner is now a professional advisor.

Hauxner’s consultancy is characterized by great professionalism and knowledge of what creates good and vibrant cities. Hauxner turns thoughts and ideas into something. We have already put the first proposals from the strategy into practice, and we now have a good and systematic strategy to work from.
— Project Development Chief Anton Hessellund, A. Enggaard A/S