TITLE: Ishøj Art Trail
TYPE OF JOBS: User involvement and strategic consultancy
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Ishøj and Realdania
WITH: Rekommanderet and COWI

PROJEcT summary

Ishøj Municipality and the Arken Museum of Modern Art are interested in establishing an ‘art trail’ from Ishøj Station to the museum. The ambition is to create an inclusive and bodily outdoor art experience and a better and safer path to the museum to be enjoyed by Arken’s guests as well as the Ishøj residents in general. The art trail is also intended to contribute to the creation of a subtler image of Ishøj. Ishøj Municipality and Realdania have hired Hauxner, together with COWI and Rekommanderet, to draw up a feasibility study aimed at clarifying the potentials and challenges of the project and to make recommendations to the process and contract form.

HAUXNER's work

  • The involvement of users and citizens in the form of interviews with current and future users of the trail.

  • Analysis of the potentials and challenges of the art trail.

  • Recommendations regarding the process and involvement of citizens and users in the next phase