hedehusene CITY park

TITLE: Revitalization of Hedehusene City Park
TYPE OF JOB: Citizen and service-user involvement, process
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Høje-Taastrup
WITH: Spektrum Arkitekter

PROJEcT summary

Hedehusene City Park was laid out in 1989. The city park was designed by landscape architect Malene Hauxner and houses the town cultural and community centre. The park was not being used so much, unfortunately, so Høje-Taastrup Municipality decided to revitalize it. In 2015, a number of landscape sculptures were created together with a ‘path of experiences’, which conveys and stages the local industrial heritage and landscape. The design was developed by Spektrum Architects in a process involving extensive citizen and service-user involvement. Katinka Hauxner has served as a process consultant and strategic advisor for the project. 


  • The involvement of local citizens and stakeholders in the development of the city park, including an illuminated Halloween walk with local residents and an ‘involving picnic’ with a treasure hunt and music in the city park.

  • Facilitation of working group meetings.

  • Professional input to the programme and conceptual design.

Katinka Hauxner is good at making sure that everyone feels as though they have been heard in the hearing process. Once again, we saw how her energy and good humour rubbed off on everyone and made the process easier and more positive. She is a gifted communicator, both in the spoken and written word, and when moderating workshops she is able to spread positive energy, stick to the schedule and draw sharp, precise conclusions.
— Joan Raun, architect and partner, Spektrum Architects