TITLE: Communities in change: The BYEN 2025 think tank
TYPE OF JOB: Professional and strategic process consultancy, analysis
CUSTOMER: The Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs
WITH: 2+1 Idébureau

PROJEcT summary

The Minister of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs, Carsten Hansen, was interested in placing greater focus on the community in urban development. On that background, in 2013, he commissioned the BYEN 2025 think tank, which consisted of leading experts in the field, and the Ministry hired Hauxner and the 2+1 Idébureau as process consultants. Despite the members’ different approaches to the subject, it was possible to chart a common course. This work resulted in a report entitled ‘Changing communities – BYEN 2025’ (Fællesskaber i forandring – BYEN 2025), which helped put community on the urban development agenda.


HAUXNER's work

  • Develop programmes for and facilitate think tank meetings.

  • Identify and document relevant societal challenges as the basis for the visions to be developed by the think tank.

  • Contribute with expertise about co-creation, citizen involvement, socially vulnerable neighbourhoods and urban and rural development.

  • Develop specific proposals for changes and strategic measures that can support communities and which can be implemented by the Ministry, the municipalities or private actors at the present or in the longer term.

  • Write a draft to the report ‘Changing communities – BYEN 2025’.


It was a real gift to have Hauxner as a consultant on the BYEN 2025 think tank project. Katinka Hauxner’s knowledge of the field and professional terminology was of crucial importance. She is extremely familiar with the relevant material, which qualified the discussions carried out in the think tank and our report. Katinka Hauxner is also a great writer and is able to provide ready-to-print texts and products. As chairperson, I placed great value on this.
— Professor Claus Bech Danielsen, Chairperson for the BYEN 2025 think tank, the Danish Building Research Institute