facilitation of workshop about urban art projects

TITLE: Facilitation of workshop about urban art projects
TYPE OF JOB: Workshop facilitation 
COSTUMER: The Metro Company
SUBJECTS: Urban space, workshop facilitation, experience collection, metro construction


While the new metro line, The City Circle (Cityringen), in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg is under construction, the townscape is characterized by tall, green fences to hide the construction work. In this context and with the aim of giving back to the inhabitants, the visitors, and the business men of the city, The Metro Company has created an urban space project called ’The Hence of the City’ (Byens Hegn) where artists have been invited to decorate the fences.  

The metro construction will continue with five new stations at the forthcoming metro line to Sydhavnen. It is The Metro Company’s wish to continue using ’The Hence of the City’. In order to kickstart the new art projects, Hauxner has developed and facilitated a workshop where artists, local passionates and other stakeholders  can share experiences and invent ideas for the future format of ’The Hence of the City’. 


  • Development of concept and program for workshop in close collaboration with The Metro Company

  • Facilitation of workshop with key stakeholders

Hauxner contributed with a qualified and insightful mentoring throughout the de-velopment of our workshop, and they facili-tated professionally, so I was able to focus on my own role. Thank you for making me feel secure and for a workshop with a use-ful output.
— Project Manager, Louise Secher, The Metro Company and The Capital’s Light Rail