Masterplan for the city centre of Holte

TITLE: Masterplan for the city centre of Holte
TYPE OF JOB: Strategic, urban consultancy, master plan 
CUSTOMER: The Municipality of Rudersdal 
DATE OF PROJECT: 2018‒2019
SUBJECTS: Urban life, strategy, local ownership, stakeholder analysis, workshop facilitation, connecting physical, social and organizational efforts, master plan, urban development, mobility. 

PROJEcT summary

The development of the city centre of Holte is taking place with the purpose of protecting the shops and the retailing in and around the city centre of Holte from the decline that is usually seen in the retail business. It is important to The Municipality of Rudersdal that the future development of the city centre of Holte is loyal to the existing, local qualities, and that it at the same time ensures a sustainable retail in the area. Therefore, Hauxner has been asked to develop a master plan for the city centre of Holte.

The backbone of the master plan is six overall themes that encompass the municipality’s planning strategy and ensure a broad and coherent planning. These themes are identity and development, retail and business, housing and communities, infrastructure and connections, urban life and urban spaces, and sustainability and health.

Among other things, the master plan will consist of a volume study, a mobility plan, and a plan for the development of the local retail and business. In collaboration with the politicians and local stakeholders, Hauxner develops a vision for the area and facilitates dialogue meetings and workshops with local stakeholders. The vision defines the overall direction of development, and it takes a national, a regional, and a local perspective into account with the purpose of seeing Holte as a part of a greater whole and in a long-term perspective.

When developing the master plan, local key operators and the citizens of the municipality will be involved. A number of interviews with the shop owners, the business community, experts and citizens will be conducted, two public meetings will be facilitated, and a reference group will be established to guarantee a local anchoring and dialogue throughout the entire process. Furthermore, the City Centre Board (Bycenterudvalget) of the municipality will work as a political reference group throughout the entire process.


  • Master plan for the development of the city centre of Holte

  • Plan for the development of the local retail- and business life

  • Mobility plan for the area