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TITLE: DTU student housing
TYPE OF JOB: User analysis, Urban strategic analysis
CUSTOMER: PensionDanmark

PROJEcT summary

PensionDanmark has chosen to invest in new student housing, partnering with the DTU Accommodation Office to develop housing for students and temporary employees at DTU in Lyngby in two specific locations.

It is imperative to PensionDanmark to ensure a good, long-term return on investments. Each project must therefore be attractive to the target group in both the short and long term. That is why PensionDanmark wishes to obtain further information on what it takes to create successful, attractive and socially sustainable student housing while also getting deeper insight into the preferences of the target groups and regarding the two specific locations in which the student housing can be built.

The user analysis for each of the two projects is aimed at producing deep insight into the preferences of the two target groups – international students and Danish students at DTU ‒thereby contributing with recommendations to the project. Parallel to the user analysis, an urban strategic analysis has been completed in the two locations. These analyses define the potentials and identify possible barriers regarding the local community, the municipality and partners. The analyses also present recommendations for how the project can exploit the full potential and contribute to the creation of an attractive local community.


  • User analyses based on a survey with responses from approx. 400 international students and 200 Danish students at DTU, a focus group, individual interviews, observations and desk research.

  • Strategic urban analyses of two prospective building locations.

  • Visits to and observation of the existing DTU student housing.