TITLE: The Community Bornholm
TYPE OF JOB: Analysis and process
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Bornholm and Realdania
WITH: Rekommanderet, Tredje Natur and Boris Brormand Jensen

PROJEcT summary

The development of the island of Bornholm should not be a matter for the local authority alone – all of the members of the community should be involved. Based on this conviction, the local authority, with support from Realdania, created an ‘action tank’ (i.e. as opposed to a ‘think tank’), Community Bornholm, consisting of some 25 involved members of the community. Hauxner and Rekommanderet were hired to start the work in the action tank and develop the foundation for the joint efforts. As inspiration for the members, Hauxner and Rekommanderet, assisted by Tredje Natur and Boris Brorman Jensen, carried out a qualitative survey of the movement of people to and from the island.


  • Convert the method 'collective impact' to a concrete process for involving members of the community on the island of Bornholm.

  • Facilitate the first two meetings in the Community Bornholm action tank.

  • Develop and edit ’the foundation for joint efforts’ for Community Bornholm.

  • Develop the qualitative analysis ‘35 voices from Bornholm’ based on qualitative interviews with persons moving to and from the island.

  • Develop strategic recommendations for the development of a whole, attractive Bornholm.

With “35 voices from Bornholm” and “the foundation for joint efforts”, we have gained a solid, joint platform upon which we are able to discuss and create development. In Community Bornholm, we are talking about the content, but I also think that the survey will have a lot of interest for both the council members in the local authority and Bornholmers more generally. A particularly remarkable aspect of this work has been how it has not merely been about the communication of what people have been saying but the reflection regarding the context and opposing forces. We will definitely learn something from that and use it in our work in the future.
— Mayor, Winni Grosbøll