Supervised injection ROOM h17

TITLE: Outdoor Spaces – Supervised Injection Room H17
TYPE OF JOB: Process, strategic consultancy, urban space
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Copenhagen, Social Services

PROJect summary

In August 2016, the new supervised injection room H17 opened on Halmtorvet. H17 is already being used frequently. This creates a need for a thought-out, locally based solution to the outdoor areas around the supervised injection site. The local politicians have allocated a small fund for development in order to make the outdoor spaces serve the needs of the entire community.

There is interest in minimizing the inconveniences associated with the supervised injection site for its neighbours, the companies in the nearby meatpacking district and visitors to the area. But how is the money best spent towards these ends? Hauxner is helping the City of Copenhagen to answer this question.



Hauxner is advising the City of Copenhagen on how to create the best structure for the peaceful coexistence between very different local groups, including neighbours, partying visitors to the meatpacking district and socially vulnerable substance abusers. Among other things, Hauxner draws on experience from the analysis ’The City as Living Room’, which Katinka Hauxner has written earlier for the Ministry of Social Affairs in cooperation with Spektrum Architects and Kenneth Balfelt. Hauxner has planned and facilitated a workshop with local stakeholders and neighbours.


Link to The City as Living Room (only available in Danish)

Link to Urban sounds about H17 (only available in Danish)