The passages of Rudkøbing 

TITLE: The Passages of Rudkøbing 
TYPE OF JOB: Strategic, urban consultancy, pilot study
COSTUMER: The Municipality of Langeland and Realdania
WITH: Søren Arildskov, arkitekt MAA
Pilot study, strategy, cultural heritage, strategic business plan, urban life, mobility, local ownership, association activities, development of museums, stakeholder analysis, workshop facilitation, linking physical, social and organizational efforts


The main city of Langeland is Rudkøbing. It is an old market town that is well-known for its characteristic, cultural heritage, a diverse and active retailing, the nearness of nature, and also for its local association activities and artist community. But the city faces some problems too. It is challenged by the missing connections between the city and the habour, its emty shops in the city centre, and by the private rental properties that could use a renovaition. Therefore, The Municipality of Langeland has initiated an area renewal of the city centre with the purpose of starting a positive transformation and to strengthen the business and the cultural life of the city. 

As a part of Realdania’s project ‘Main cities at the Forefront of Progress’ (Hovedbyer på Forkant), they have supported the renewal of Rudkøbing’s city centre and passages. In this context, Hauxner has conducted a pilot study that analyzes and qualifies the proposed renewal of the city centre with the purpose of showing how Realdania’s funds can make the greatest value for Rudkøbing to develop as a main city. The study will serve as a basis for decision-making for The Municipality of Langeland and Realdania in the further project development. 

The pilot study contains an analysis of the challenges of the city centre and presents some recommendations of how to give Realdania’s funds the best basis to bring life and activities to the city centre. These recommendations are to open up the museum garden, to create new life and new functions in an old museum building, and to start a wayfinding project to connect the habour and the city centre. Furthermore, the pilot study contains some long-term recommendations that do not have fundings at the moment, but which can have a great impact on the development of the city as an attractive main city in the long term for locals as well as visitors. 


  • Pilot study about the city centre of Rudkøbing

  • Pilot project about a refurbishment of the museum garden and the proposed system of paths

  • Design and facilitation of a workshop for local stakeholders about the functions of the museum garden and life in the city centre  

Read a coverage of the pilot study in the newspaper of Fyens county (Fyns Amts Avis) here

Read the entire pilot study here

There were many positive declarations when we had the plan rerewed at the finance committee meeting. I think it is an exciting plan. Hauxner has had a very good sense of our city.
— Mayor Tonni Hansen to the newspaper of Fyen’s county (Fyns Amts Avis)